Stop Getting fooled by Fake Job Placement offices- Unemployment problem in Nepal

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, the stage of the competition, the area of struggle. From rich to rags and rags to rich, Kathmandu carries them all, walks in their journey. To be able to sustain in this country, to be able to live here, the struggle is real, the pain is real.

Moreover, the heaviest problem among them all is the unemployment problem. The number of the young generations not being able to get the proper job here is increasing day by day. To live here, to sustain here and to be self-adequate here, people follow different strategies. And One of the best strategies to earn money in Kathmandu is the job placement institute promising you to provide the job. They lure you with high salary amount and extra advertisements.  The take the real advantage of the unemployment problem in Nepal.

Yes, many institutes are working for this goal. First They start the institute and they will manage to get the unemployed people. According to these institutes, they will search the job for you and if someone contacts them, they refer to these job vacancies from the different field. A few years ago, there was no such type of institutes or job replacement offices. But nowadays many offices are opened at different locations within the same City-Kathmandu.

How do they work?

They post the advertisement for the job vacancies and they invite to visit their office and they take the interview. They don’t do that for free; we have to pay for this job at first according to your monthly salary. For example, below ten thousand of your salary they take four thousand, up to 15 thousand salaries, they take 5 thousand in advanced and so on. This is the trend in Kathmandu today.

Unemployment is the problem itself and these institutes making it is more critical. Yes, there are positive facts too but service charge for job holder is not the so good and this cost not small margin. These institutes earn money from both people and job provider or owner. This is no such good manner for their business. Unemployed people should get the job for free according to their skills, knowledge, education, and ability. Firstly, unemployed people have to pay the service charge in the big margin, this is the main problem in Kathmandu. And also these job replacements offices offered for different training with fee and they claimed to place the job surely. But after completion of the training, they conduct the different interview and they exclude trainer from the job by showing their weakness.

All these are not good for now; unemployed people should get the job according to their talent and skills. The trend of buying job should be ended. The job replacement offices should perform their business under the limitations.

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