Good turn- From scouting to Normal life.

In Scouting

The good turn is one of the important factors of scouting life. Good turns are the activities performed by the scouts for good deeds and good reason. Scouts need to perform the good activities and work from their own will but not when any master or seniors ask to do so. Scouts need to have the vision to help others. Scouts should be trained and taught to do good work and good turn so that they can be the good citizen of the country.

It is strongly believed that scouts should at least perform one good turn in a day. God turn can be in many forms; helping parents at home, feeding pets, feeding streets dogs, putting the wastages from road to dustbin, helping needy, helping junior scouts to do the task and many more. It doesn’t matter if the work is big or small, scouts always need to do the work from their inner heart with the cheerful face. Good turns are not only done to keep records or stating master said to do so but it should be done from our own will for the betterment of the other. It shouldn’t be done for any rewards but for personal satisfaction. If any offer you rewards for your good done then we must decline to say to them that “I am a scout, and it’s my duty.”

There are different types of the good turn. Some of them are for the community which can include small works like picking up banana peels from sidewalks; removing broken glass and nails, etc., from streets; removing papers and boxes from sidewalks and highways; reporting of the street lamps not turning on; garbage nuisances, etc.  While some of them are for pack some for animals and some for the individual.

Scouts should remember or note down their good turn before sleeping. They also need to promise themselves to do more better next day and pray to god to help him in this work


In Normal life

For the satisfaction of your own, you can perform the good turn in your day even if you are not the scout. The satisfaction that can give you in this busy and stressful life is awesome to some extent. Every night before you go to sleep, closing your eyes and remembering the good deeds you performed today can bring you a good night, sound sleep and even a good fortune.

The happiness you get from small things is incomparable. They add little more value to your life and make it more meaningful. It will establish the selfishness in you, make you more comfortable and swifter.

Remember to perform at least a single good turn a day. Happy life.

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