Chinese whisper game

What is Chinese whisper game?

It is the message passing group game. It’s not the competition and there won’t be any winner at all. It’s a group effort having the different objectives. This game contains of the certain valuable message that is applicable to our life.

How many can participate?

More the number of participants more the game will be funnier. But at least 7 people should be there to play the game, preferably 10 plus people. Any age group people can play the game (above the age of 6). This game can be played for fun, or to some important lesson from it. It can also be played among the staffs of the company as a part of training. The more people involved in this game the better it will be because the message being passed then is likely to become much distorted and even funnier.


How to play?

  1. First, arrange all the players in the line or circle one after another.
  2. Then one person extra is needed to conduct the training.
  3. write something in the note, preferably a short message of about 1 sentence.
  4. whisper the message in the ear of the first person. It should be whisper so that others can’t listen to it.
  5. Then  Have them repeat the message very quickly in a whisper to the person sitting next to them. No one else must hear.
  6. Request that the next person says whatever they heard, also fast in the same manner, to the next person.
  7. Continue on around the circle or down the line. The game goes on until the last person says whatever they heard a loud and then compare the message.
  8. The last message heard will be distorted and will have the certain other meaning.

Major objectives to play this game.

  1. Any meaningful message when communicated through many people can be distorted and might contain the false meaning.
  2. Never fully trust the rumor we heard about the certain things.
  3. Never ask anyone to pass your message without any written notes.

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