Best Nepali Teej songs (old Teej songs)

It’s the month of Shrawan, the speaker will be in full mood with the Teej songs. Teej songs have their own value and every radio station, television and playlist gonna tune it up. It’s the month of female and we dedicate this list to beautiful ladies with classical choice in music, get the best Nepali Teej songs listed for you as a gift from NepView.

1 Teej aayo didi lina

This sentimental song tells the story of the sister who wants to go to her parents home in the Teej.

2 Teej aayo jauna babu

This Teej song makes you remember your childhood and we are pretty sure you will cry

3 Hamkailo

Singer: Haridevi Koirala
Music: Haridevi Koirala
Lyrics: Haridevi Koirala

4 Teej Bharara rani chari

Listen to this one of the must-listen teej song.

5 Aaja mero maita jane paalo

Sarmila DIDI, we thank you for this song.

6 Tadha ki cheli

Lyrics/Music : Raju Pariyar
Artist : Geeta Adhikari

7 Hamri sashu jiu ko

8 Barsadinko Teejama Aaye Baini Linalai

Sharmila Gurung Presents :- Maitiko Samjhana (Teej Song)
Song:- Barsadinko Teejama Aaye Baini Linalai
Vocal:- Sharmila Gurung and Raju Pariyar

9 Teej aayo jauna maita

10 Teej ko Chataro – I

Aaithi Saali Laithe Kura Part I 

11 Teej ko Chataro – II

Aaithi Saali Laithe Kura Part II

12 Lali joban kalile

13 Lali joban kalile

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