Air pollution in Kathmandu: 10 Tips to stay safe and healthy

The pollution level of Kathmandu valley is accelerating with the speed of flash. The dust, smokes and other pollutant factor are major to cause air pollution in Kathmandu. Increasing number of population, ongoing constructions, polluted air from the vehicles and those coming from outside the valley and residing here are the major factor increasing in the pollution.

According to recent reports suggested by Kathmandupost, Kathmandu is ranked 3rd most polluted city.

Pollution Data:

Pollution level: Moderate

Air quality index (AQI): 78

Particulate matter (P.M.): 2.5 microns

(Source: US Embassy Nepal AQI Date: 9 August 2018)



Though the pollution level is moderate, some places like Ring-Road area are facing the pollution level of Unhealthy for the sensitive group. Some parts the pollution level is in a severe category. The precaution is to be obtained for the heavily polluted parts. The declining air quality is affecting severely in the health of children, old and people having health issues and mainly to those who are working outside.

Photo credit- Kathmandupost


Tips to stay safe and healthy

  1. Prefer working inside if possible. Avoid going out in polluted areas.
  2. While going outdoors, wear an anti-pollution mask, such as – N99 VOG mask, N95 air masks, etc.
  3. Avoid outdoor physical activities and morning walks and yoga outside. Instead, perform your workouts inside the home.
  4. Use indoor plants in the house. Chinese money plants, snake plants, spider plants Golden Pothos, Chinese evergreen. They give decorative look and also reduce the pollution inside the house.
  5. Consume ginger tea, tulsi tea, vitamin c fruits.
  6. Use covering sunglasses to prevent the dust particle getting inside the eyes. Consult the doctor in allergic condition, use Eye-Rest drops.
  7. Ventilate home, use air purifiers.
  8. Reduce the use of two-wheelers. Else use proper pollution masks, cover the entire body, use sunglasses.
  9. Limit the outdoor activities of a kid in polluted areas. Take them to parks where plants are available.
  10. Avoid eating outside, especially junk and street foods.

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